ArcelorMittal pursues an active climate strategy

by Dagmar Dieterle

"Sustainability is very important to us," explains Lutz Bandusch, CEO Bars and Rods at ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products. In 2019, the Group committed to reducing its emissions across Europe by 30 percent by 2030 and making their production in Europe completely climate-neutral by 2050.
The group also widens its sustainability focus on products and develops new steel grades that customers can use to optimize the carbon footprint of their own products. "Among other things, we focus on greater resistance, longer durability and weight reduction with the best possible recyclability," adds Jeyachandran Rajasekaran, CEO Tubular Products Europe.
At Wire & Tube 2020 in Düsseldorf, ArcelorMittal is showing a wide range of CO2-optimized products for the first time.

ArcelorMittal pursues an active climate strategy

The commitment to sustainable and CO2-reduced steel grades is part of the Group's climate strategy. ArcelorMittal is committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement. In May 2019, the Group introduced its strategic goals in the first Climate Action Report of the steel industry. As active support for the EU Green Deal, ArcelorMittal has formulated its own climate targets, which include testing new technologies, optimized production processes and developing improved and sustainable products. "We want to make a decisive contribution to achieving the EU's ambitious climate and energy efficiency goals," emphasizes Bandusch.

New steel solutions and optimized processes for wire and bar steel

Some of the most recently developed solutions for Bars and Rods, adressing current and future market needs and already in use, include bainitic grades for forging (Solam®B), martensitic (Solam®M), high plasticity and high strength grades for cold heading (FreeForm®).

Tubular Products from ArcelorMittal Europe is also expanding its product catalogue

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products offers the broadest product range, from seamless to longitudinal welded tubes, available in both small and large outside diameters, as well as a variety of processes and / or refinements, including resistance welded (ERW, HFI) and precision and cold drawing processes.
The company has implemented a number of technical solutions for the tube industry – the three new product families TitanTM, StreamTM and GeogroundTM. The three new brands offer optimum structural solutions to support heavy structures in steel construction or to convey and pipe liquids or gases. The products have been optimized for each use so that they have a significantly longer lifespan. Another advantage of steel is also clear: steel can be recycled completely at the end of the product's lifespan. Therefore there is a lower ecological footprint for the entire product range compared to alternative materials.

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