17th China International Foundry Expo (Metal China 2019) in March

by David Fleschen

China International Foundry Expo (Metal China) was launched in 1987. By now, Metal China has grown into a world-class, Asia Pacific region's largest and the most influential industry exhibition in China after more than 30 years of accumulation and innovation. The exhibition focuses on further creating customer value, improving the quality of the exhibition and leading the development of the industry. The 17th China International Foundry Expo (Metal China 2019) will showcase a large number of high-quality castings, advanced equipment and materials to show the charm of tthe metal world.

In order to meet the needs of environmental protection, safety and upgrade of the industry, Metal China will provide enterprises with more choices in environmental protection and safety facilities transformation, and help them to find the most suitable solutions. The organizer will set up an “Environmental Protection and Safety” special exhibition area, which will display the advanced workshop dust removal system, explosion-proof system, noise reduction system, etc., and provide one-stop solutions to environmental protection and safety problems for different foundries. Besides, environmental protection enterprises in the foundry industry will participate in the exhibition to show their efficient, energy-saving and intelligent melting, molding, core making, pouring, cleaning, follow-up processing equipment and various testing instruments; the advanced precision equipment and serialized new environmentally friendly raw materials for foundry will also be demonstrated and support the trans.

Source: China Metal, Photo: Fotolia

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