Antonio Beltrame will become CEO of AFV Beltrame

by David Fleschen

Change at the head of AFV Beltrame, the owner of the Venetian steel group. Antonio Beltrame, current President, also takes on the role of CEO "with the aim of further strengthening the competitive position of the company and its leadership team"

The former CEO Riccardo Garrè, who held this position since 2014, has been appointed the new CEO of the Ferroli group of San Bonifacio (Vr), an international reality specializing in the thermomechanical sector."The intensive phase of the repositioning of the efficiency and relaunch of the AFV Beltrame Group Spa is complete," says a statement from the holding company, which has led to a realignment of the production area. Today, the company is in excellent health. In its market segments, the trade laminates and special profiles, the company has regained international leadership positions.

The operating costs have been improved and the production quality has reached an excellent level. 2018 will close with extremely positive results, which are also favored by a very positive international economic situation. In recent years, the company has had a strong leadership structure both in terms of functions and in terms of territorial management, which is integrated into an Executive Council of the GEC Group. "

Source: AFV Beltrame Group, photo: fotolia

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