Award for research on aluminum recycling: Trimet receives TMS Award

by David Fleschen

rimet Aluminum SE Research & Development has been recognized by Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). At this year's international specialist conference for metallurgy in San Antonio, Texas, Trimet researchers Jan Steglich, Christiane Matthies and Marcel Rosefort and Bernd Friedrich, head of the Institute for Metallurgical Process Technology and Metal Recycling at RWTH Aachen University, received the TMS Award for their outstanding scientific contribution to the department Recycling. The team headed by Jan Steglich, who works for the materials specialist in the field of aluminum recycling and casting alloy development, presented a research paper on the recycling of aluminum cans at the TMS conference in 2018, which helps to improve the industrial recycling process. In it, the Trimet researchers had investigated the parameters of the thermal pretreatment of canned scrap and described a hitherto neglected oxidation mechanism in the remelting process.

The award-winning Trimet contribution was created as part of scientific preparatory work for the development of a new furnace model for aluminum recycling in the research cluster Advanced Metals and Processes (AMAP) at RWTH Aachen University. Trimet is doing research here together with a further 13 industrial companies and six university institutes in the field of non-ferrous materials.

The renowned research company TMS owns around 14,000 scientists and engineers worldwide. Around 4,000 participants in symposia and working groups discuss new research results and application methods in the fields of metallurgy and materials technology at the annual multi-day conferences.
Source and Photo: TRIMET Aluminium

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