British steel industry invests 35 million pounds in sustainability

by David Fleschen

The steel industry has made a 35 million punds investment in a research network to try to make it carbon neutral by 2040.

Trade body UK Steel said the metal was already the world’s most recycled material, but the research would seek new ways to make the industry’s processes and products greener, such as harvesting untapped energy sources, capturing carbon emissions and reprocessing waste streams.

The research network, called Sustain, is led by Swansea University and involves more than 20 partners, supported by a £10m investment from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and funding from steel companies.

Gareth Stace, director general of UK Steel, said: “This boost of innovation funding into the sector is a vital piece of the puzzle to help deliver our vision of a cutting-edge, vibrant, and sustainable steel industry in the UK.

”The future success of our sector rests on our ability to remain at the forefront of product and process innovation, delivering the new steel products demanded by our customers and society.”

Source: EMAP Publishing, photo: fotolia

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