DragonFly sets new standards for tool grinding shops

by Hans Diederichs

LACH DIAMANT has succeeded in developing a highly innovative grinding wheel for the chest grinding of circular saw blades. This makes regrinding and production grinding more cost-efficient - and with maximum precision.

The unique carrier system with 3-dimensional geometry and extended grinding layer makes even grinding the narrowest tooth spaces a mere child's play.

Up to now, the grinding of chip faces on carbide-tipped saws has repeatedly reached its limits - especially with regard to stability and economy. The new DragonFly grinding wheel sets new standards with its unique carrier system: higher infeeds and feeds significantly reduce grinding times and increase stock removal. It grinds exemplary straight chip surfaces - without any "upsetting".

The DragonFly grinding disc ensures smooth and safe grinding of carbide-tipped saws: "The DragonFly disc grinds without problems, very precisely and lasts much longer than the previous discs," says a satisfied DragonFly customer.

Source and Photo: LACH Diamant

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