Eisen + Stahl Service Center completes new production hall in Mannheim

by David Fleschen

With the construction of a new production hall, Eisen + Stahl Service Center GmbH has decisively expanded its range of products and services. The heart of the machinery in it is a long-line plant, which gives the Mannheim-based company even more processing flexibility and flexibility.  The new plant enables the production of slit strip and has been in operation since mid-November last year. It is designed for up to 1,650 millimeters wide and up to five millimeters thick steel strip. With a maximum speed of 400 meters per minute, coils can be split in up to 39 strips.

The plant has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tonnes. It allows unwinding from the top or bottom, so that when splitting according to the customer's request, the inside or the outside of the coil is at the top. Sustainable investment But that's not enough of the technical innovations. As another example, Dominik Naber, Managing Director of E + S, describes a wrapping machine for small coils, which is also located in the newly built, 11,000-square-meter hall. "Due to the expansion, we have 100% of the processing processes in our own hands. This puts us in a position to respond better and faster to customer needs," says Naber. In addition, the extension meant a milestone in the direction of reducing logistics costs.

"This helps our customers benefit from this sustainable investment« Eisen + Stahl Service Center GmbH is an owner-managed steel trading company with 45 years of experience. The family-owned company supplies sheet metal, split strips and blanks mainly from hot and cold-rolled steels, hot-dip galvanized and electrolytically galvanized steels. Short and direct ways Of course, such profound and far-reaching innovations as in the case of E + S also have their price. Naber puts the investment costs at more than 20 million euros.

Source: Eisen + Stahl, photo: fotolia

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