EMO Hannover 2019 offers young entrepreneurs market access

by David Fleschen

New ideas, new technologies, new processes: Start-ups in the technology sector have a lot to offer. Contrary to public perception, half of all companies in mechanical and plant engineering are already looking for proximity to the start-up scene, and the trend is rising. This has long been recognized by established industrial companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector, so it is not surprising that their commitment to this area is continually increasing. In the VDW film "Industry on a makeover: what brings together established companies and start-ups", representatives from both worlds will speak, shed light on this trend and look behind the scenes. How do young entrepreneurs and established players find the right partners? What are the contact points and how will cooperation be successful?

The upcoming EMO Hannover 2019, from 16 to 21 September, has answers to these questions. The start-up area on an exhibition area of ​​660 m² offers visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to get to know start-ups from different countries through matchmaking and networking events. Through accompanying forums and pitches, start-ups from Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic can present themselves at the exhibition in Hall 9. The film, which was created in the course of a discussion round in the run-up to the EMO Hannover 2019, the world's leading trade fair for metalworking, will give you a foretaste.

Link to the film: https://vdw.de/emo-startups

Source: VDW, Photo: Fotolia

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