EMSS completes production of 36 support rolls for Primetals

by David Fleschen

PJSC Energomashspetsstal completed the production of equipment for the Austrian company Primetals Technologies. Within the framework of the signed commitments, Energomashspetsstal produced for the Austrian customer 36 support rolls with a total weight of almost 1500 tons.

The final customer of the equipment is ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico), which ordered the German-Japanese manufacturer of metallurgical equipment Primetals Technologies a new rolling mill for its metallurgical plant ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. According to the results of the tender, EMSS was selected as the main supplier of rolls for the “2200” hot rolling mill. The contract for the production and supply of rolls was signed in April 2018.

On June 18, the final processing of the equipment took place in the machining workshop of PJSC “EMSS”, which was personally attended by customer representatives: quality control inspector of Primetals Technologies Michael Mar, representative of ArcelorMittal Mexico Igor Marchuk and sales manager of Primetals Technologies Mikhail Nikityuk. The inspection confirmed the compliance of the parts produced to customer requirements, and there were no complaints about the quality of the products. In total, experts inspected 11 support rolls with a total weight of 415 tons. PJSC “EMSS” received the highest score in terms of organization of production and quality of manufactured products. Full shipments are scheduled for completion in July 2019.

Source and Photo: EMSS

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