EU Flat SSC and Multi-Product & Proximity Steel distribution shrink

by David Fleschen

EUROMETAL’s market monitoring system is tracking EU steel distribution shipments and stocks for its two main business segments:

- Flat SSC distribution
- Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding distribution

EU Flat SSC Distribution

In 1. Quarter 2019, shipments of EU SSC continued their negative trend of late last year and dropped by -4,5 %, when compared to 1. Quarter 2018.
The disappointing trend in SSC shipments was accompanied by a rising trend in SSC stock indices.

When expressed in days of shipments, stocks at EU SSC reached in March 2019 to 69 days, compared to 64 days in March 2018.
For March 2019, the index of stock volumes did note at index 115, to be compared with index 110 in March 2018 (average 2015 = index 100).

In 1. Quarter 2019, EU Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution also continued to note lower shipments for most products of its portfolio. Only profiles, rebars and hot rolled flats registered higher shipments.

As a matter of fact, during 1. Quarter 2019, total shipments dropped year-on-year by -3,4 %.

EU Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution

Stock volumes index of EU Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution registered at 101 in March 2019, to be compared to an index of 103 one year before.(average 2015 =Index 100)

When expressed in days of shipments, stock volumes in March 2019 leveled at 77 days of shipments, against 75 days in March 2018.

EUROMETAL is the European Federation of Steel, Tubes and Metals Distribution & Trade. EUROMETAL, on EU level, has developed over the last decade a representative and unique market monitoring system for EU steel distribution.
EU steel distribution & trade account in EU for 5 000 companies, mostly small and medium sized enterprises, providing jobs to 110 000 people in the EU.

EU steel distributors, SSC and traders are systemic players in EU steel markets, supplying 82 million tons of steel, tubes and metals to EU end use sectors. They account for more than 60 % of the supply in steel and tubes to the more than one million end users in EU manufacturing industries and EU construction related sectors.

Source: Eurometal, Photo: Fotolia

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