EWM introduces new welding machine Taurus Steel

by David Fleschen

With 400 and 500 A and up to 100% duty cycle at maximum current for a long life, the Taurus Steel MAG MAG welding machines from EWM do a good job. Thanks to the latest inverter technology, according to EVM, the results are excellent in all work on low-alloy steels. The self-explanatory operating concept and the usual long-lasting EWM quality make welding very easy even without instruction. Depending on the model, the Taurus Steel is equipped with manual two-button operation or synergic one-button operation and standard or impulse welding.

Taurus Steel concentrates entirely on a single field of business: professional and highly efficient MAG welding of low-alloy steel with solid or cored wire. Each of the variants and controls offered is reduced to the simplest operation of all required functions. Elaborate instructions are not necessary. Optimized steel characteristic curves for solid and cored wires are stored as standard in the Synergic and Pulse versions. Choosing these JOBs is very easy; Operator errors can be reliably avoided.

MAG standard welding with up to 500 A, MMA welding and gouging is offered as standard in every variant of the Taurus Steel series. The top model Taurus Steel puls S additionally makes pulse welding possible. This considerably reduces the time for reworking, as the pulse process hardly generates spatter. The trolley has extra-large wheels that effortlessly negotiate obstacles such as cables or hoses. The ability to crane via integrated eyelets also allows quick and safe shifting. The gas bottle change takes place thanks to particularly low-lying intake quickly and easily.

Developed for professional use, all components of the optional gas- or water-cooled Taurus Steel are robust and generously dimensioned. The components of the efficient inverter heat up little due to the high duty cycle of up to 100% at maximum current. The high power reserve ensures a long service life. The service life of wear parts on the PM-MIG / MAG burner is also typically high EWM: Thanks to very good burner cooling, a powerful pump in the cooling module and a special design, the flow nozzle remains operational for longer. Incidentally, the high-performance cooling also allows the permanent use of hose packages up to 50 meters long - the burner still remains cool. The cooling module has a modular design and can be installed and dismantled safely without tools without tools.

Two variants are available as a wire feed unit: drive 4X with the low-wear eFeed 4-roller drive developed by EWM is suitable for S300 spools. It is manhole-compatible and has a connection socket for E-hand welding ex works. The wire feed units drive 4 D200 work with S200 spools and are therefore small, lightweight, suitable for maneuvering and equipped as standard with a gas flow rate regulator.

Source and photo: EWM

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