EWM invests 4 million euros in development, logistics and training

by David Fleschen

t the beginning of the year, EWM AG opened a new, state-of-the-art office complex for more than 80 employees at its headquarters in Mündersbach. The leading manufacturer of arc welding technology is now investing another 4 million euros in the future of the company: EWM is also building a new production and logistics hall in Mündersbach. On two levels with a total of 3,000 m², there will be room for the development of welding torches and production, an electrical workshop, an area for machining production and an apprenticeship workshop for the approximately 30 apprentices at EWM. A large part of the space will also be occupied by the company's new outbound logistics.

The construction of the new production and logistics hall of EWM AG in Mündersbach is in full swing. The building, which is designed according to the latest energy standards, will open in September. After all, sustainability at EWM is not only important in the development of its own products, but also in the conception of new company buildings. Nearly 40 employees will work in the hall on innovative, state-of-the-art welding technology solutions. As a full-line supplier, EWM not only offers arc welding machines, but also focuses on the development of welding torches. All products are developed and produced within the company according to the latest standards - quality and customer benefit always have the highest priority. Driven by ever-changing requirements on welding technology, the company is steadily expanding its welding torch product segment, which has very good growth figures. The resulting production and development site is an ideal basis for this.

Source: EVM, Photo: Fotolia

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