EWM presents microplasma plasma welding for materials down to 0.1 millimetres

by David Fleschen

EWM AG offers its Microplasma plasma welding machine for the most delicate welding when working with materials as thin as 0.1 millimetres. This high-tech device for professional users features the latest in digital control technology, cutting-edge inverter technology and compact plasma torches designed for welding work in the finest detail. Areas of application include medical and dental technology, aviation, pneumatic components and welding of various metals to thermocouples.

EWM is offering the Microplasma in three power variants. The current for the plasma arc is adjustable in fine 0.1 ampere steps from 0.3 up to 20, 50 or 100 A, depending on the machine. Plasma technology offers the advantages over TIG welding that the pilot arc is adjustable, affording 100% ignition reliability, and that the plasma arc is extremely constricted, allowing the user to precision-concentrate the water-cooled plasma torch upon the desired point of the workpiece at a temperature of up to 22,000 °C. Various plasma nozzle sizes make it possible to direct the heat input to an exactly-defined area.


The pilot arc is a special feature of plasma welding, as it ionises the part directed toward the workpiece, ensuring reliable ignition of the main arc. This is a key advantage, particularly in partially-mechanised and automated production, in which reproducible results are required. The pilot arc current can be adjusted at four operating points during the welding process (before, during and after welding and during pauses in welding). The current for the pilot arc is adjustable between a range of 2 and 15 A. For operation of the machine, EWM has integrated the latest digital control unit, Comfort 2.0, with a visual display of the plasma welding sequence parameters that allows you to flexibly set as many as 100 JOBs. All standard parameters are pre-configured, for plasma, TIG and pulse welding. Automated pulse functionality keeps the pulse frequency automatically adjusted in line with the welding current level.

Source and Photo: EWM

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