German manufacturer EWM aims to revolutionise MIG welding of aluminium

by David Fleschen

With the Titan XQ 400 AC puls, Germany’s largest manufacturer of welding machines, EWM, is revolutionising MIG welding of aluminium. The new acArc puls XQ alternating current welding process makes both manual and automated welding a joy, even when it comes to extremely thin sheets. The weld seam is as pure as a diamond. Alongside the new MIG-AC welding process “acArc puls XQ”, all the established and optimised EWM DC welding processes, such as the forceArc puls XQ, rootArc XQ, or coldArc XQ, are, of course, included in the machine at no additional cost.

The water-cooled Titan XQ 400 AC puls is specialised for aluminium welding. Even the thinnest sheets can be easily and safely joined together – without the molten metal falling through and with reduced distortion. In the new welding process “acArc puls XQ” the welding current alternates during the process sequence between positive and negative polarity. This makes the arc easy to control, even when it comes to AIMg alloys. It can bridge large air gaps excellently, even during automated application. The new process leaves behind barely any traces of smoke; the weld seam is clean and shiny thanks to the highly-reduced magnesium-oxide. In addition, welding fume emissions are reduced.

The “Positionweld” process guarantees optimum welding during positional welding. In combination with the acArc puls XQ welding process, MIG welding seams are achieved in a TIG look.

Even soft aluminium wire is accurately fed by the Drive XQ wire feeder. Thanks to the many options, such as the wire spool heater, the electronic gas flow control, the wire reserve sensor or the many suitable accessories, users can configure a welding machine that optimally matches their requirements and welding tasks.

The acArc puls XQ welding process is equally well suited for manual and for automated welding. It also excels in the additive manufacturing of aluminium parts (3D welding) due to its low heat input.

Source: EWM, Photo: Fotolia

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