Gifa, Metec Thermprocess and Newcast 2019 inform about digitalisation

by David Fleschen

Established companies offer the greatest potential for digital transformation. However, traditional industrial companies are too focussed in the concentration of their digitisation strategy on optimisation of the processes used in their existing business. Experts are noticing that established companies are still targeting new growth through new services too rarely. It is precisely here that traditional companies and start-ups can learn from each other successfully, as examples from the metal industry demonstrate convincingly. Such examples of successful digital transformation are being presented at the metallurgical trade fair METEC in the context of the “The Bright World of Metals” from 25. to 29. June 2019 by, for instance, the VDMA Metallurgy trade association.

In the digital transformation age, established companies are starting to take new approaches from the start-up community seriously too. A current example of this is design thinking, which is considered to be the epitome of creativity, e.g. at SMS group, the metallurgical plant manufacturer.

The long-established company is well known all over the world for the technical perfection of its machines and equipment for the production and processing of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. For a long time now, technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality or digital twins have been proven instruments in the planning, design and construction of new steel mills, with which SMS applies German engineering skills to create machine technology of the highest quality, including electrics and automation – more recently with the help of such innovative production methods as additive manufacturing too. What is new, however, is that the machine and plant manufacturer is developing digital products and services to an increasing extent. When it launched SMD Digital in May 2016, the technology company provided itself with a start-up that gives customers from the steel and non-ferrous metal industry the appropriate tools for digital transformation. Such as software for “Industry 4.0” solutions and apps for the metal industry, which are made available via the in-house platform mySMS group. SMS group is planning to present new digital services and products at the forthcoming metallurgical trade fair METEC 2019.


At GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, NEWCAST, the VDMA Metallurgy trade association will be highlighting numerous examples of applications from its corporate members, including a new edition of the brochure “Industry 4.0 in metallurgical plant manufacturing”.


Source: GIFA 2019, Photo: Fotolia

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