HBIS & Siemens sign Digitization Strategic Cooperation Agreement

by David Fleschen

HBIS and Siemens Signed their Digitiation Strategic Cooperation Agreement in HBIS Headquarter. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, Siemens Deputy Executive President, Siemens China President & CEO Lothar Herrmann witnessed the ceremony and jointly launched the HBIS & Siemens Laboratory and Physical Internet Center. The partners will start their cooperation on cloud physical internet operating system MindSphere, digitized factory, intelligent equipment and regional physical internet energy center to upgrade the steel industry via digital technologies.  

HBIS Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Wang Xindong, Siemens(China) Vice President Siemens China Research Institute President Zhu Xiaoxun, Siemens(China) Digitization Group Vice President An Xiaojie also attended the event.

In his speech, Yu Yong said Siemens had always been leading the innovation of industries and providing digitization and physical internet solutions in new industries. We are confident that our cooperation with Siemens in industrial digitization and intelligent manufacturing with Siemens. Hand in hand, we will upgrade our steel industry and make a long term development.  

Mr.Herrmann said that HBIS was an important strategic partner of Siemens and one of the largest steel mill in China, and a leader in digitization of steel industry. Siemens digitization technologies and experiences will assist HBIS in its explorations in intelligent manufacturing and green steel industry and its optimization.

With the agreement in place, HBIS and Siemens will promote the physical internet platform and its application in Chinese manufacturing industry. HBIS will be the first steel enterprise entering the Siemens industrial physical network. HBIS New material Project will be the Joint Venture and the partners to make it the trial showpiece digital factory. The partners will jointly build a physical internet center and make it an intelligent manufacture and urban digital infrastructure upgrade showpiece project.

Source and Photo: HBIS

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