High performance along with universal use

by Hans Diederichs

Sales of the TC burr with ALLROUND cut, which was included in the product range in 2018, have been very positive, explains Thomas Plömacher, Product Manager for Milling Tools (and other products) at PFERD, the manufacturer of tools for working on surfaces based in Marienheide. “We obviously created a need with this cut,” says Plömacher. “Because there wasn’t and hasn’t been a comparable solution since.”

“Of course, there have always been TC burrs for universal use or similar,” says the PFERD product manager, alluding to the conventional cross-cut tools which have been around on the market for many years and which – like the new ALLROUND cut – can be used on different materials. “The crucial difference, however, is that ALLROUND belongs to our high-performance burrs, which means that it has completely different properties.” These high-performance burrs included so called material-specific cuts, such as STEEL, INOX, PLAST, CAST, TITAN or ALU as the best possible solution for the respective material. “And at this performance level, we have now developed a cut that can be used universally, and which provides the user with advantages, such as a stock removal rate on steel that is up to 30% higher.”

Source and photo: PFERD

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