International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition in Guangzhou, June 13 - 15, 2019

by David Fleschen

There are alread some figures of reference: The International Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition China 2018 was successfully held in Guangzhou Import and Export Pazhou Complex from June 6 to 8, 2018. The total exhibition area reached 20,000 m². 328 exhibitors from the metal and metallurgy industry from all over the world presented their products and thousands of visitors visited the fair. In 2019 the event will will take place again from 13.-15. June 2019.

The topics of the exhibition are raw materials, processing technology as well as equipment and products. Metal plates, rods, wire and metal processing equipment are also presented at the fair. Other products shwon include tubes, stainless steel, fasteners, springs and equipment, runching machines; non-ferrous metals (copper). Due to the exhibitors and the wide range of products, the entire supply chain is  displayed at the exhibition, inculding die asting, casting, heat treatment and industrial furnaces.

In an exhibitor survey most guest of the exposition were satisied withthe event:

Foreign exhibitors rated the quality of the audience 80% as "very good" and "good" and 20% on average.
Turnover of the deals concluded at the show accounted for 35% of overseas exhibitors. 60% of the exhibitors expect further degrees after the end of the trade fair. Domestic exhibitors accounted for 60% of the degrees. These companies also expect 80% of additional follow-up business.

An interesting finding of the survey was that foreign buyers are usually very well informed about their products, unlike national buyers. Many exhibitors said that they had to spend too much time on the consultation.

The total number of visitors to the exhibition was over 50,000, 20% came from overseas. The foreign visitors came from France, Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Dubai and other countries.

The analysis of around 100 interviews with visitors revealed that some were just visitors to the exhibition to learn about companies and products, but that they might be willing to do more next year.


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