Kuka robot writes down entire bible with a calligraphy pen

by David Fleschen

In Dordrecht, the Netherlands, a KUKA KR 16 robot, now part of the KR CYBERTECH series, is part of an art project on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Dordrecht Synod. In the work of the artist group robotlab from Karlsruhe, the KUKA robot independently writes down the Bible in Dutch with a calligraphy pen. The process was solemnly launched by the Dutch King. Overall, the description of the five rolls, each with a length of around 200 meters, takes nine months.

The artist group robotlab has installed a KUKA robot in Dordrecht. The art project is part of the celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the Dord-Right Synod - the seminal event of Dutch Protestantism. The KUKA robot independently writes down the Bible in Dutch. He is equipped with a specially developed, spring-loaded pen holder. Integrated therein is a calligraphy pen connected to an external ink system. This ensures the continuous supply of ink and thus continuous writing.

Source and Photo: Kuka

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