Laser Sharp 2060 - The new large-scale laser machine by Prima Power

by Hans Diederichs

The new Laser Sharp 2060 completes the Prima Power 2D laser line with a machine featuring a large work area (6,070 x 2,045 x 120 mm) and a conventional, robust construction made for heavy-duty environments. The machine design features a carbon steel electro welded structure and a highly rigid and lightweight aluminum extrusion gantry carriage. It is perfect for industries requiring the processing of thick materials and medium to large size sheet metal.

Laser Sharp can be equipped with fiber lasers up to 10 kW, granting a powerfully productive solution with best-in-class piercing time of less than 1 sec. The cost-effectiveness is also granted by a quick installation not requiring special foundations and a machine footprint that is the smallest possible with respect to its strokes.

The new machine is sharp on every material. Laser Sharp fiber laser head is designed and developed by Prima Power for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials and thicknesses also thanks to adaptive optics for the automatic management of the focal position and diameter. The certified mechanical structure of the laser head challenges even the highest cutting pressures, while the sealed and protected case endures the harshest environments.

Ease of use is a must in today’s working environments. Integrated Group’s own Prima Electro Open Laser 2D CNC control and the Tulus® Laser 2D HMI are keys to seamless, user-friendly system operation. The optimized motion algorithms dedicated to laser tool embedded into the proprietary CNC make Laser Sharp accurate and repeatable in cutting and laser head positioning.

Source and photo: Prima Power

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