Laserhub presses ahead with the digitization of sheet metal processing

by David Fleschen

Around one and a half years after launching the platform, Laserhub GmbH from Stuttgart announces the successful conclusion of an important financing round. With its automated, digital procurement platform for laser and bent parts, Startup addresses companies from the most important industries in Germany - such as mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, as well as the craft trades. A leading position in the current round of financing will be provided by Project A from Berlin. The well-known VC company supports the startup from Stuttgart with its commitment in its next steps. These include technical expansions of the platform as well as the internationalization of the offer.

The technology startup Laserhub serves the complete variety of sheet metal working with its digital platform. digitizes the entire value chain of the industry with its wide range of materials, technologies and product specifics. The end result is significant efficiency gains for customers purchasing laser and bending parts, as well as for the manufacturers of these components.

"Over the past year and a half, our platform, our range of services and our team has developed immensely. We have constantly gained new customers and production partners. More than 1,000 customers have ordered components with a total weight of 620 tons in recent months. The platform, through which our customers now have access to more than 230 laser and bending machines, has been constantly expanded with new functions. At the same time, we have been hiring new employees month after month and putting our company on a solid foundation, "says Christoph Rößner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Laserhub GmbH.

The young team from Stuttgart is now well positioned for the next steps. The aim of Laserhub is to make the complete variety of sheet metal processing accessible via digital interfaces, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency for customers and production partners. Already today, many customers and production partners benefit massively through the use of the digital procurement platform. For the future, Laserhub is considering additional interfaces, such as integration into current order and ERP systems.

As the new lead investor at Project Laserhub Project A from Berlin will be on board. The Berlin investor currently manages a total of 260 million euros, with which he finances technology startups. "The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the German economy, and sheet metal working is a very large and fragmented market, where communication is still via e-mail and fax. Laserhub has managed to build a vertically integrated marketplace, which is strongly accepted by customers. The team combines industry with start-up expertise and we look forward to supporting the team both financially and operationally, "explains Uwe Horstmann, General Partner at Project A.

The online platform of Laserhub enables within a few seconds an intelligent check of individual customer orders and their connection to currently available manufacturing resources in the market - including immediate calculation and pricing. allows companies to place their orders for laser and bent parts with a few clicks on a cloud-based online platform. A fully automated process quickly checks the CAD drawings for feasibility, calculates prices and identifies the appropriate producer. Thus Lasdrhub also takes over the supplier management and ensures that the components arrive on the desired date.

Laserhub remains the sole contract and contact partner of the customer and takes care of the order, implementation, logistics and billing. The company is responsible for the overall process until the customer holds the finished parts in his hands and can optimize the sequence of each set screw. The platform enables companies to reduce their process costs by up to 70 percent. For small series and prototypes, this is attractive because there the effort for obtaining tenders is often higher than the value of goods. In the case of large series, which Laserhub increasingly handles, the efficiency gains come into their own, in particular through supplier management and the associated identification of the most suitable production partner.

Source: Laserhub, Photo: Fotolia

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