Liberty Steel has acquired Rail France Industry (RFI) in Hayange

by David Fleschen

Liberty Steel has acquired Rail France Industry (RFI) in Hayange, as various meda outlets report. The Commercial Court at the Strasbourg District Court took a strategic decision at the end of last week and brought about a self-sufficient steel line under the leadership of the British group.

In Hayange, 470 steelmakers are currently producing 360,000 rails, including for high-speed lines. Although the importance for the French railways SNCF is always emphasized, in fact SNCF represents only 30 percent of the order volume. The new owner intends to gradually expand the volume to 500,000 tons per year, as the location is regarded as strategically important. Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands, the Northern European countries are practically on the doorstep, Austria and Switzerland within reach.

Source:, Photo: Fotolia

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