Measuring Solutions for the Steel Industry from Berthold Technologies

by David Fleschen

A quick and accurate measurement of steel level lays the foundation for the production of top quality steel and the prevention of molten steel overflows and breakouts. Steel level control systems from Berthold Technologies meet these requirements. The high-end measuring solitions of Berthold are recognized by international standards and deliver accurate results even under the most extreme process conditions.

The mold level measurement solutions are designed to run at an exceptionally short cycle time of 5 ms, allowing for perfect control of the casting process – both at automatic start-up and in normal operation. Extensive self-diagnostics as well as plausibility checks of calibration and measurement ensure the highest process precision and product quality. Each steel control system measures up to four strands simultaneously. Also each measurements channel is equipped with its own dedicated processor and power supply. Thus, all four channels work independent of each other and high process reliability is guaranteed.

The mold level control system castXpert LB 452 provides reliable and accurate results even under severe process conditions. The transmitter unit can be used both in  electromagnetic and radiometric solutions without the need for modifications of any kind. Depending on the measuring conditions and the requirements, Berthold proposes the optimal technology. A combination of the two technologies is also possible.

In addition, the mold level measurement system castXpert LB 452 boasts a large color touchscreen that makes handling of the system particularly easy. The interface provides the user with the option of switching between different operating languages. Detector temperature and status are continuously monitored and displayed. The user also benefits from quicker response times during start-up, by the option to set a smaller time constant in the low measuring range.

The mold level measurement systems of the GAMMAcast series are based on the radiometric principle. They are completely maintenance-free and applicable for lots of different mold types. The higher the level of molten metal, the less radiation will reach the detector. In this way, the mold level can be very reliably monitored – irrespective of temperature, dust, and vibrations. Successful installations can be found in casters for almost all existing mold formats. The radiometric mold level measurement system „GAMMAcast“ is the perfect choice for monitoring challenging processes with harsh conditions and has proven to be reliable for countless years of operation.

Sourcea and photo: Berthold Technologies

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