MEGASA GROUP chooses SMS group reheating technology

by Hans Diederichs

The new furnace, rated at 160 tons per hour cold charged and 210 tons per hour hot charged, will include latest technological packages developed by SMS group. Start-up is scheduled for the end of summer 2020.

MEGASA banks on the SMSPrometheus Level 2 system, the SMS DigiMod combustion management system and SMS ZeroFlame burners. The combination of these three features installed on the sturdy and reliable structure of the SMS furnace will ensure outstanding performance in terms of reductions in fuel consumption, scale formation and pollutant emissions. ZeroFlame, DigiMod and SMSPrometheus will provide reduced NOx emissions down to 90 mg/Nm3, less scale formation down to 0.4 percent, and a decrease in fuel consumption down to less than 27 Nm3 per ton. With this investment, MEGASA will consolidate its leading position in the market of construction steel.

SMS group’s sales and technical teams have found the right technical solution for the wide product range and the requirements of the customer. The furnace will be able to reheat billets starting from as slender as 120 millimetres up to 160 millimetres in various lengths up to 14.5 meters. SMS group will supply the furnace on a turn-key basis, including erection and supervision to commissioning.


Source and photo: SMS group

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