New anti-vibration drill rods WHISPERLINE from ISCAR

by Hans Diederichs

Internal turning with boring bars is a widely used process in metal cutting. However, large machining depths can cause tool deflections and vibrations that negatively affect precision and surface quality. Not so with WHISPERLINE: ISCAR has designed its innovative boring bars for the clear to complete elimination of vibrations during machining with cantilever lengths of 7xD to 10xD. An intelligent damping mechanism is integrated in the tools. This consists of a vibration element mounted in oil.

The mechanism is activated during machining. The highly efficient anti-vibration effect enables a problem-free process with large cutting depths and high feed rates. WHISPERLINE increases the stability during turning and ensures a long service life due to the smooth running. The user thus increases productivity and minimizes rejects.

The tools are specifically internally cooled. This reduces heat development at the cutting edge and contributes to a longer service life. In addition, chip control and evacuation are improved. WHISPERLINE is suitable for mounting different adapter heads with various cutting-edge geometries ؘ– including all standard ISO indexable inserts from ISCAR. This opens a wide range of applications for the user and makes him very flexible. The tool specialist offers the boring bars as a modular system. A large portfolio of boring bars is available in diameters of 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 60 millimetres.

Source and photo: ISCAR

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