New PSImetals Service Platform

by Hans Diederichs

PSI Metals has successfully launched the PSImetals Service Platform at METEC 2019, the 10th International Metallurgical Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Service Platform is the new powerful software basis that combines all requirements for a future-proof production management solution for all currently available PSImetals components as well as new services that will be developed in the coming years for metal producers.

The PSImetals Service Platform is based on the PSI Java Framework and forms a foundation for service-oriented software architecture which makes it highly integrative for any services used in the metals production. In addition, the platform features an integrated Service Bus (PSIbus), which is responsible for the entire data exchange between PSImetals services and third-party services/products. The proven PSImetals Factory Model, the Digital Twin, is still the heart of the new platform and will operate on all industry-proven database management systems for future services.

“We are pleased to release our new PSImetals Service Platform as it represents our first milestone in our development plan, which offers the industry a very flexible and forward-looking platform,” said Thomas Quinet, Managing Director PSI Metals. “The platform is able to integrate not only currently available PSImetals components, but also all new services that will be developed in the upcoming years for steel and aluminum producers,” he added.

Source and photo: PSI Metals

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