New quad-camera sensor for quality control in automotive production

by Hans Diederichs

That is why a leading premium automotive manufacturer has now chosen the multi-stereo 3D scanner from ISRA Vision and begun using it for 3D inline measurement at a German plant. The system is characterized by enhanced accuracy and the minimum measurement distance. This extremely close proximity is crucial for accessing hard-to-reach features, such as in the wheel house or transmission tunnel, and for flexible use inline, at-line and off-line.

Even under the most difficult conditions, the all-in-one sensor detects all object shapes in next to no time thanks to four high-resolution cameras and a high-performance LED projector. The innovative multi-stereo technology creates a particularly complete, ultra-fine point cloud with stereometric images from six different pairs of cameras. The various perspectives keep even reflective areas in focus, as they can be optimally captured from another angle. More so in mixed material inspections – a challenge for previous solutions – the system provides reliable data.

The premium German automotive manufacturer uses the new sensor version with higher accuracy and reduced measurement distance (190 mm) at four robot measurement stations on the line. Symmetrical measurement volume makes robot positioning especially simple, as the sensor has no preferred orientation. The optimized embedded software measures all the usual measurement features, such as holes, bolts, edges, etc. All feature measurements are analysed directly at the sensor, reducing the costs for additional PCs to analyse. A calibrated robot ensures high absolute accuracy for the coordinates and enables high comparability with CMM measurements. Moreover, connection to the manufacturer’s database system allows the sensor to be set up automatically on the basis of existing data as well as making a comparison of the results.

Source and photo: Isra VIsion AG



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