Outokumpu presents Share Plan for the period 2019-2021

by David Fleschen

The Board of Directors of the Finnish steel producer Outokumpu has now approved the commencement of Outokumpu’s share-based program for the period 2019–2021, Restricted Share Plan (RSP). The plan commences at the beginning of 2019, and the share rewards will be distributed in spring 2022.

Restricted Share Plan is used for a limited number of employees, i.e. key recruitments, exceptional performance, high potential, when retention need, other individual specific situations. The maximum number of gross shares (taxes included) that can be allocated is 250,000 shares for the plan period 2019–2021. Applicable taxes will be deducted from gross shares, and the remaining net value will be delivered to the participants in Outokumpu shares.

Outokumpu will use its treasury shares for the reward payments, so the total number of shares of the company will not change.

More information on share-based programs and their terms is available at:


Source: Outokumpu, photo: fotolia

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