Purchasing Association of German Iron Traders goes live with sustainability website

by David Fleschen

On its new sustainability website, www.ede-nachhaltigkeit.de, the Wuppertal Association Group Purchasing Office Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH (E / D / E) gives a comprehensive overview of the developments and projects of its economic, social, social and ecological responsibility. The new website replaces the printed sustainability report of the family business published so far every two years. The aim is to make the economics and actions of the E / D / E and the E / D / E Foundation transparent.

The E / D / E Group deliberately decided to design its own website for this area instead of another printed sustainability report. In comparison, this solution is much more resource-efficient (paper, shipping, printing processes, CO2 emissions, recycling). In addition, sustainable activities should be published in a transparent, entertaining and above all up-to-date way.

The new website is divided into the categories of economic, social, social and ecological responsibility, analogous to the previously published sustainability reports. Under Statements of the Shareholders, the Advisory Board, the Management Board and the Sustainability Officer, the self-conception of accepting responsibility is summarized under the heading "Objectives". The company history allows users to view a selection of sustainable events since the founding of the E / D / E, new projects can be found directly on the home page under News. In terms of ecological responsibility and climate protection, the reduction of CO2 and waste are very important to the E / D / E. For example, the company recently introduced sustainable polylactic acid (PLA) or sugar cane packaging in its own canteen and converted it to climate-neutral electricity and green gas. The health of the employees is also very important to the family-owned company, so that, for example, numerous jobs in logistics have been ergonomically adapted. In addition, the sustainable activities of members and suppliers are presented. Feedback, opinions and suggestions on sustainable topics can be submitted directly via a contact form.

Sustainability is an integral part of the E / D / E corporate strategy and is viewed holistically. "We at E / D / E have been assuming economic, social, social and ecological responsibility for decades. It is part of our self-image to give something of our sustainable economic success, "said Dr. Eugen Trautwein, E / D / E shareholder and
Former Chairman of the E / D / E Executive Board, whose primary concern is to help young people and young professionals gain key qualifications.

Source and Graphic: E/D/E

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