Reduced operating costs and enhanced safety

by Hans Diederichs

Siam Construction Steel successfully restarts electric arc furnace

Siam Construction Steel Company Ltd., Thailand, a subsidiary of Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Limited, has successfully commissioned the 80-ton EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) at its site in Rayong after an upgrade by SMS group ( within only ten months. SMS group’s scope of supply included a new CONDOOR® slag door (enhanced automatic slag door) and a new advanced electrode regulator, known as AEREG.   

The aim of the upgrade was to improve the furnace seal and thus to increase productivity. The installation of the CONDOOR® slag door improves safety for the operating personnel as direct working in this area is no longer required.   

The new electrode regulator is capable of automatically regulating the injection of carbon with less energy and, at the same time, significantly lower electrode consumption.  

Thanks to the good cooperation between SCSC and SMS group, the final acceptance was granted prematurely. The modernization reduced specific energy consumption by 2.5 percent and increased production yield by 0.3 percent. In addition, the iron oxide content in the slag could be increased by 10 percent.

Source and photo: SMS group

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