SÜLZLE Stahlpartner opens rebar fab shop of the future

by Hans Diederichs

All processes are perfectly coordinated, automated and consistently controlled by computer – from receipt of the raw material to delivery of the finished bent parts to the customer. The transmission of technical data from the customer to the production planning department is possible by conventional way as well as via a software interface with CAD data, for example based on virtual 3D planning.

SÜLZLE deliberately chose the port area as its location, explains branch manager Martin Vestring: “Here we have the option of having our raw material delivered by truck, rail or ship. This simplifies and accelerates procurement and time reduces our CO2 footprint at the same”. In Lübeck, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner processes up to 250 tons of reinforcing steel per day, in addition to reinforcement meshes and other components.

In addition to the modern machinery, the heart of the new rebar fab shop  is the unique production and logistics concept, which sets new industry standards in both areas. In recent years, the Lübeck location has developed into one of the largest rebar fab shops in the region and is a partner of construction companies, industry and craft businesses. Around 60 employees at the location complete the comprehensive service in two shifts.

Source and photo: Sülzle Group

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