Sauter Feinmechanik introduces tooling enabling torques of up to 85 Nm

by David Fleschen

Modern tooling for machine tools is designed for high speeds and high torques. The high-performance DirectDrive tool turrets in the 0.5.437.3/4xx series produced by SAUTER FEINMECHANIK exploit this potential to the full. The system made by the world market leader for tool turrets features a future-oriented synchronous motor, which enables torques up to 85 Nm and rotational speeds up to 12,000 per minute. The tool turret is able to produce non-stop and does not need any rest periods. Combined with a modern turning and milling centre, users benefit from minimum downtimes alongside maximum productivity.

SAUTER developed the DirectDrive tool turret in the 0.5.437.3/4xx series especially for use in turning and milling centres. They are compact and at the same time powerful. In contrast to tool turrets with gear drive, overheating is ruled out. Cooling down periods are hence a thing of the past. Users thus minimise the number of their process steps and reduce their setup times by 50 per cent.

Not only do the SAUTER DirectDrive tool turrets work longer than those with gears, they also make better use of their time. The synchronous motor in the tool disc drives the tooling and, besides speeds of up to 12,000 per minute, also enables higher torques, as Matthias Beck, head of tool carrier system design at SAUTER, explains: “Our new DirectDrive tool turret makes unique torques of up to 85 Nm possible. Users thereby maximise their stock removal rate and decimate their workpiece times.” This is also made possible thanks to a highly precise locking system. Its key element is a patented end position sensor system: a swivel motor brings the tool disc into position. A three-part Hirth gearing then locks the tool disc with µm-precision so that the piston and slide clutch are optimally positioned. Process stability is thus maximised and the machine reaches enormous torque levels.

SAUTER supplies tool turrets and tooling from a single source. The complete range means users get reliable quality, as all components are perfectly coordinated with each other. Thanks to their modular design, the DirectDrive tool turrets in the 0.5.437.3/4xx series are compatible with both BMT and VDI interfaces.

Source and Photo: Sauter Feinmechanik

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