SSAB presents new Hardox round bar at the bauma Munich 2019

by David Fleschen

The Swedish steel company SSAB is a pioneer in the production of tempered steels for high-strength and wear-resistant applications. In addition to Hardox® wear plate, Hardox® round rod will be presented at bauma Munich 2019, a welcome addition to the Hardox® product range.
The conventional solution for round bar components uses carbon-rich steels such as 42CrMo4V. Although they are an acceptable solution, they have some serious limitations. The degree of hardness is usually limited to less than 300 HB. Increasing the hardness by heat treatment greatly affects the tensile strength and fatigue resistance, resulting in a product of uncertain quality. Heat treatment is also a time-consuming and costly process.
Successful all-rounder with the same high quality as Hardox® wear .

The combination of the properties of Hardox® round bars and the ability to finalize the already heat treated Hardox® round bar means that end users can switch to Hardox® for round components and get the same quality that Hardox® wear plate is famous for.

Another very suitable and typical application for Hardox® round bar are screws for construction machinery (see Fig. 2). The high hardness of Hardox® ensures a longer life, while the tensile strength guarantees a low risk of premature failure. The low-carbon, homogeneous microstructure of Hardox® makes processing surprisingly easy considering the hardness of the material.

Source: SSAB, Photo: Fotolia

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