Strong partners for sheet metal working in steel construction

by David Fleschen

A new cooperation combines the strengths of two software specialists in different markets: IQSoftware GmbH uses integrated interfaces to integrate the Lantek sheet metal processing solution into their ERP system for the Steel construction.

Both partners are absolute specialists in their field: With IQSteel.ERP, IQSoftware offers a software solution that is tailored to the specifics and specific requirements of steel, plant, metal and industrial construction. It supports all company divisions on the basis of a uniform data management - from the planning over the calculation and the document management up to the machine control. Lantek is the IT specialist for sheet metal working: the global company is market leader with its advanced manufacturing solutions; With its modular portfolio for the comprehensive control of the entire operation in a networked environment, it is the driver of the digital transformation of the sheet metal industry.

Steel construction companies also require sheet metal parts during production, such as head or foot plates for joining steel profiles. If you produce them yourself, software that intelligently controls the production of the sheet metal parts and integrates them into the higher-level steel processing process is helpful. This is the aim of the cooperation between Lantek and IQSoftware. "We are pleased that the steel construction customers of IQSoftware with our solution get real added value for their sheet metal processing - regardless of which manufacturer their sheet metal cutting machines come from," says Christoph Lenhard, Lantek sales manager for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, about cooperation. "Thanks to the cooperation with Lantek, we are able to offer our users an ERP specialized in steel construction with integrated, automated sheet metal production," says Alfredo Lemke, Managing Director of IQSoftware. "This enables us to move away from the isolated solution to optimized process sequences."

Production orders for sheet metal parts are automatically forwarded to Lantek Expert via common interfaces via the Lantek Manager software module from IQSteel.ERP. The CAD / CAM software system is one of the most advanced in the world. Its optimized nesting algorithms and machining strategies guarantee optimum programming results for the automated CNC control of sheet metal cutting machines of various technologies. After cutting, the Lantek system automatically returns feedback to IQSteel.ERP for integrating the sheet metal parts into further production.
Source: Lantek, Photo: Fotolia

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