Swiss Steel and building-services technology Trade Day convened in Pfäffikon

by David Fleschen

Swiss Steel and building-services technology Trade Day, convened federation in Pfäffikon SZ on last 15 November 2018.

The SSHV Trade Day gathered more than 100 participants from all corners of Switzerland. It was a unique occasion to assess the position of Swiss economy and Swiss steel market as well as a check up on challenges, chances and risks facing Swiss trade in steel and building-services technology.

During the last decade, Swiss economy has proved to be rather crisis resistant noting in each year a positive GDP growth rate.

For 2018, GDP growth is estimated to reach +2,9 % and for 2019 a 2,0 % growth is forecasted – significantly higher than the forecast for Euro zone..

But there are risk factors which may limit growth: uncertainties regarding central bank policies, trade protectionism, Brexit, Eurozone-Italy dispute which directly and indirectly may impact on Swiss economy, besides the limits induced by Swiss manufacturing running presently at full capacity and the limits imposed by a lack of qualified workforce.

Source: Eurometal, photo: fotoalia

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