Thinking and producing in new dimensions

by Hans Diederichs

Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) has awarded SMS group ( an order for the supply of a complete steel production line, from the steelworks to the CSP® plant and from the cold rolling mill to the galvanizing line for its Sinton location in the state of Texas.

With an annual capacity of 3 million short tons (2.7 million tons) of steel the plant's productivity is setting new standards. In addition to the mechanical equipment from the liquid phase up to strip processing, the scope of supply by SMS group comprises X-Pact® electrical and automation systems as well as technical support during installation and commissioning.

Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2021.

For SDI’s production line, the systems supplier SMS group will supply the following components: The steelworks will be equipped with two direct-current electric arc furnaces (DC-EAF) having a capacity of 210 short tons (190 tons) each and two twin ladle furnaces (LF) and a double vacuum tank degasser (VD). It has an annual capacity of liquid steel of over three million tons.

The CSP® plant will enable SDI to produce thin slabs with thicknesses of up to 5.2" (130 millimeters) and slab widths of up to 84" (2,134 millimeters).

The CSP® continuous caster is designed as a single-strand curved mold plant (VLB – Vertical Liquid Bending). With a metallurgical length of over 82ft (25 meters) a yield of 7.5 tons per minute and casting speeds of up to 19.7ft/min (6 meters per minute) are attained.

An eight-stand rolling mill will enable SDI to produce API hot strip grades with thicknesses up to 1" (25.4 millimeters) and widths up to 84" (2,134 millimeters). The mill is designed for a minimal strip thickness of 0.047" (1.2 millimeters).

This CSP® plant will have a hot strip capacity of 3 million short tons (2.7 million tons) per year.

Following the CSP® plant, a five-stand pickling line/tandem cold mill will be arranged. To meet future demands, the process section of the pickling line/tandem cold mill (PL/TCM) will be equipped with SMS group‘s latest turbulence technology and a 600-kN levelling unit. With the aid of a payoff reel upstream the tandem cold mill, the pickling line and tandem cold mill can be operated in parallel independent of each other. This permits the hot strip to be pickled and oiled or directly guided to the tandem cold mill. The annual pickling capacity will be 1.1 million short tons (1.0 million tons).

Source and photo: SMS group

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