Thyssenkrupp stock drops to six-year low before split into two companies

by David Fleschen

Stahlerhstellung: Flüssiger Stahl läuft aus dem Schmelzofen

Prior to the planned split of ThyssenKrupp into a technology sector (TK Industrials) as well as into a steel production and materials trading company (TK Materials), the industrial group's stock decreased further and dropped to its lowest level since the summer of 2012. Analysts are beginning to doubt that the ambitious project will be successful in the short term.

With a minus of just under 6 percent, Thyssenkrupp's stock market chart on Thursday was once again showing one of the biggest losers on the Dax stock market chart. The day before they had already lost almost 4 percent. With a trading low of € 12.98, Thyssenkrupp's shares on Thursday did not cost as little as they had in more than six years.

Source: Manager Magazin, photo: fotolia

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