TOOLING 2019 conference & exhibition

by Hans Diederichs

“Communication along the supply chain in the tooling industry” will be the motto of this event which will give the great opportunity for a technical exchange between end-users of tools on the one hand and manufacturers and further processors of tool steels on the other hand. The basis of the ongoing progress in the field of TOOLING is given by the scientific community from university that supports industry by application oriented research which will be presented at this conference next to contributions from industry.Main Topics of the event are:

- Tools in applications
- Properties of tools and tool steel
- Steel design and development
- Manufacturing of tool steels and tools using conventional and additive technologies (AM)
- Processing of tools including machining, heat treatment and surface conditioning
- Testing
- Simulation and modelling

Companies will additionally get the opportunity to present themselves by being a sponsor or exhibitor at TOOLING 2019.

Source and photo:

Source and photo: TEMA Technologie Marketing AG

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