Total Lubrifiants launches new water-based fluid

by David Fleschen

Total Lubrifiants, a leading player in the global lubricants market, announces the launch of "Total Folia", a new development in the field of metalworking. "Total Folia" is a biosourced, water-based fluid free of mineral oils and emulsifiers. According to Total Lubrifiants the new product offers outstanding cooling and lubricating properties, and provides users a solution for a variety of machining operations.

Toal Falia delivers substantial productivity gains, longer tool life and lower operating costs and can also reduce the number of processing steps. Total Folia´s cooling power and lubricity is meant to extend the tool lifetime and allow operators to manufacture more parts at a higher rate, reducing tooling costs which are a significant expense.

When introducing the new product, Total stressed its committment to supplying energy that is affordable, reliable, clean and meets the highest safety & environmental standards. "Total is proud to offer a tangible solution to the challenges faced by the metalworking industry", the company stated.

Source: Total Lubrifiants, photo: fotoalia

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