Valk Welding has developed a new wire

by Hans Diederichs

With the increasing demand for welding wire for very intensive use, mainly for the welding of heavy parts where multiple layers are needed, Valk Welding has developed a new wire in cooperation with its supplier.

The Valk HD Super/V3L-5 wire is a GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) wire with an increased manganese content and excellent running characteristics. These properties provide higher performance thanks to a very stable, tight arc and almost no spatters. In addition, we also see better penetration and less sharp edges, which is an advantage with dynamically loaded parts. An additional feature is that the silicates loosen more easily, which is a great advantage for multi-layer welding, both in terms of quality and in terms of production gains. This is especially important when welding is done fully automatically.

Source and photo: Valk Welding

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