VDMA: Investors remain insecure

by Hans Diederichs

Orders received in the mechanical engineering sector in April were  disappointing, falling by 11 percent in real terms compared with the previous year. This was the fifth consecutive month of decline. This decline was due to both weak domestic business (minus 15 per cent) and a lack of foreign orders (minus 9 per cent). "In view of the economic early indicators, which have been declining until recently, and the constant disturbances from the political environment, the result is not really surprising", explained VDMA Chief Economist Dr. Ralph Wiechers.

In April, 6 percent fewer orders came from the euro zone and the non-euro countries were down 10 percent year-on-year. In a three-month comparison from February to April 2019, orders were down 10 percent year-on-year in real terms. While domestic orders fell by 10 percent, incoming orders from abroad fell by 11 percent. Orders from the euro zone fell by 8 per cent, orders from non-euro countries by 12 per cent.

Source and photo: VDMA

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