Voestalpine introduces Building Information Modeling System Mestec

by David Fleschen

In the process of digitalisation, voestalpine is not only changing its own production processes, but also the communication channels towards its clients. voestalpine Metsec gives a very good example of this development.

Building or infrastructure projects have become more and more complex, requiring firms to manage immense amounts of data across diverse and distributed teams. BIM (Building Information Modelling) enables collective pooling and sharing of information and applying lean principals to construction projects.

voestalpine Metsec’s BIM is a 3D model library of the company’s construction products that can be used by architects and structural engineers within their own designs and models to digitally map a building or infrastructure project over the whole value chain – from the planning and construction phase, subsequent operation and demolition of the building. Thus, BIM improves collaboration and information sharing, gives clients a clearer vision of their complex project and increases their ability to make decisions.

With the help of voestalpine Metsec’s BIM, customers can create a detailed digital 3D-prototype of a building or infrastructure project. This intelligent design process reduces costs across the project and the entire lifecycle. The benefits to voestalpine Metsec are ensuring early specification of Metsec’s products and services and more transparency of a project meaning more visible delivery schedules and leaner production.

Source: Voestalpine, Photo: Fotolia

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