WIKUS introduces online cutting data program ParaMaster

by David Fleschen

The resource time is an enormously important factor in companies and plays a major role in manufacturing processes in particular. The cutting also offers u.a. Selection and efficient use of the tool Potential for increasing productivity. In addition to the selection of the optimum saw blade, the correct adjustment of the cutting parameters can significantly improve the cost efficiency in the sawing processes by increasing cutting performance and tool life.
Supporting tools for determining the machine parameters

For more than three decades, the WIKUS saw factory has been offering supporting instruments for the definition of cutting parameters in saw blade inserts. For a simple and quick determination of a recommendation in this regard, the user z. For example, use the WIKUS cutting data slide.
By selecting the relevant material group, it can read the recommended cutting and feed rate and the expected cutting performance for the bimetal and carbide product groups, depending on the diameter of the material, thus optimizing the costs per cut. Especially in situations in which no access to the Internet is possible or there is enormous time pressure to determine, the cutting data slider is still very good assistance.

In the course of increasing digitization trends, WIKUS revolutionized the determination of the cutting data in 2006 with the first version of the online program ParaMaster®. The tool is based on the systematics of the cutting data slide and at the same time expands it by decisive parameters such as machine data, saw blade types and tooth pitches.

Above all, ParaMaster® supports the saw blade selection and the determination of the cutting parameters. At the same time, the cutting costs can be determined. If the user follows the recommendation of the results of ParaMaster®, he can achieve a significant reduction in the cost per section.

ParaMaster® is now in use in over 80 countries around the world. With its 4,000 machine data from 102 manufacturers and 40,000 material designations, it covers almost every application. Due to the complex combination options in sawing, the database now contains more than 200,000,000 data records. The database is updated almost daily, in close collaboration with machine manufacturers, who in turn benefit from the use of ParaMaster®.

"Due to the more than 6,000 active users, machine manufacturers come to WIKUS on their own to provide us with the latest machine data," says Dirk Heimel, product developer of the WIKUS saw factory and developer of ParaMaster®.
After registering in ParaMaster® the user can select his application and machine. Hand-ling and user interface are designed intuitively, the software can be used without in-depth IT knowledge. In this way, he receives a concrete and several further recommendations from WIKUS saw bands incl. The recommended cutting parameters for his individual application. In addition, the user can enter additional marginal conditions such as production cost-hourly rates and tool life of the saw bands and receives very realistic cutting costs.

Since not every machine has PC access in production, since 2017 WIKUS ParaMaster® has also been available as an app to support the user directly on site. This contains all the important information that the machine operator needs during the sawing process in order to be able to make the most cost-effective adjustments to his machine and his saw blade. The app is continuously optimized to meet the needs of the customer at all times.

Also in the planning stage is the option of an offer generation that is suitable for the machine and application at the click of a mouse from the application in order to save the user another time-consuming and cost-intensive step. In addition, ParaMaster® will soon be available in more than twenty-five language versions, allowing customers worldwide to benefit from the tool and optimize their productivity.

Van Hoorn Machining BV is a trading partner specialized in sawing technology and represents the WIKUS saw factory in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In the daily consultation of saw band end users, the employees of the trading house have made very positive experiences with the use of ParaMaster®. Wil Verrijt, commercial-technical consultant at Van Hoorn Machining BV, says: "ParaMaster® is an absolute value added for our customers and us. Because often the user lacks detailed knowledge in sawing technology. In this case, ParaMaster® allows me to advise our customers properly and quickly, to improve the sawing process and thus to reduce costs. Of course, we also encourage our customers to use ParaMaster® themselves. "

Helmut SCHRECK GmbH & Co. KG in Halstenbek, a contract manufacturer from the Greater Hamburg area, has been relying on the services of ParaMaster® for many years. The company uses the WIKUS FUTURA® carbide saw band, measuring 6,830 x 41 x 1.3 mm in 2-3 ZpZ, to cut the entire spectrum of materials from aluminum and steel and free-cutting steels to VA 1.4571 / 1.4462. Both the selection of the right type of saw blade from the very extensive WIKUS range, as well as the definition of the optimum cutting values ​​for the saw blade are made using ParaMaster®.

Hartmut Vanselow, Machine Operator, says of his experience with ParaMaster®: "Since I got a new machine, I've been working with ParaMaster®. I get along very well with the recommended cutting parameters and thus achieve maximum service life. Never before has there been band damage or sawing problems due to the suggested values. The values ​​from ParaMaster® are always absolutely reliable, without this program we would not be that efficient. "

With the continuous development of ParaMaster® up to the current version 4.0 as a browser- and app-based variant, WIKUS has established on the market the most accurate online tool for the determination of the optimal cutting parameters. It takes into account most influencing factors at an extremely high technical level, which is continuously updated.

Source and Photo: WIKUS

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