WIKUS launches new website

by David Fleschen

he WIKUS saw factory is now presenting its new, user-centered website at www.wikus.de. The new appearance with intuitive user guidance and modern design places the needs of the customers in the center. Thus, the optimal product for each specific application can be found quickly and the efficiency in the company can be further increased by comprehensive practical tips and tools.

"With a new design and focus on the needs of the customer, our website helps visitors to achieve the best possible results with the right tapes," says Thomas Schäfer, Director Sales at WIKUS. "It is particularly important to us that our sawmills can work more efficiently and efficiently with our products. We have this claim for the entire range of services - from consulting to high-tech saw bands to digital tools. "

More than product information: new areas of useful information for buyers and users

Specific application information in their respective industries is complemented by helpful Guidebook help to increase saw blade life and reduce costs - throughout the tool life cycle and across all industries.

Source and Photo: WIKUS

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